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Interweave® is a form of conscious movement that practices the awareness of body, emotions, thoughts, and our relationship with the world in the present moment.

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The first half of the class develops is an inward sensing of the body as a gateway to self-discovery and presence. From this authentic place we move into the relational – creating meaningful connection with ourselves and with our community. This is movement medicine for our disembodied culture, calling us back to our bodies and lives with loving presence.

“I especially love the sisterhood activities. Connecting deeply with like-minded women has been missing from my life” Ashera Rose

Why Choose Us

Gentle Guidance and Freedom of Expression

This work is influenced by meditation, somatic techniques, free-style dance, community building, chakra balancing, Focusing®, archetypes, shadows, and self-compassion. Interweave® produces classes, workshops and events such as: the Mountain Mama Festival, Grounded Feet and Open Heart, the Goddess Dance Series, and the Goddess Retreat.


Upcoming Events

Spring Goddess Dance

Spring is around the corner and we've the perfect way to feel ready for it! Join us for an 8 week Goddess Dance Series! There will be two locations Blacksburg at In Balance Yoga and in Floyd at June Bug . The Cost is $104 for the full 8 classes or $15 for a single...


What People Are Saying

“Katie is absolutely amazing. Her classes and workshops are a joy! I look forward to it all week.”

Beth Cambell


“The Goddess Retreat was such a powerful life affirming experience for me.”

Helena Smith


“Interweave is just the kind of class I have been looking for. It blends free expression with guided meditation.”

Isabella Edwards


The Interweave Team

Meet Our Team

Katie Wells

Katie Wells

M.A., Founder of Interweave

Performer, Teacher and Weaver of all things spiritual.

Valerie Stanton

Valerie Stanton


Valerie is an inspired, enthusiastic soul, mama to a sweet toddler and devoted partner. She is a practicing Reiki master and registered yoga teacher with over 15 years’ experience combined in customer service + admin skills. 

Leia Jones

Leia Jones

Yoga Teacher

With a degree in Dance and  from Hollins University, and a teaching certificate in Hatha Yogo..

Ready to Get Moving?

Interweave® traverses multiple spectrums: from the inward sensing to the outer expressivity, the troubles to the joys, the earth to the sky and the individual with the community. A body journey that offers relief, connection, and exhilaration, Interweave® puts transformation into practice by dissolving barriers both within and without to bring us into connected wholeness.

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