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Testimonials from the Goddess Retreat

“What an absolutely incredible experience this retreat was last Fall. I would HIGHLY recommend it for all women.” – Allyson C. 

“I experienced such profound breakthroughs in my psyche, opened locked doors to my heart, bathed with loving support from attending goddesses. I feel cleansed and ready to continue my life’s work…”
– Jessica Valles

“I was surprised how bonded I felt after the first day. I have a new relationship with my body and a newfound love for dance.” – Christina Behrens

“I am an introvert and connecting with others can be stressful but also vital. Katie approached these meaningful interactions in a way that felt safe and and did not overwhelm me.” – Rhiwena Slack

“The facility was so beautiful and the grounds were kept natural and very healing. Meals were wonderful, fresh, nutritious, and so colorful.”
-Valhalla Depillo

“This work changed my life!” – Leah Deluzio